Marimba Mallets

Ensemble Series

These mallets come in five grades of hardness and are great for everyday practice and recommended for most ensemble play. Read more.


Concert Series

These mallets come in four grades of hardness and are designed for the performing marimbist. They are wrapped with a slightly more loose tension than the Ensemble Series. The mallets produce a full, rich tone and the bright white yarn adds to the visual effect of your performance. Read more.


Hemp Series

These mallets are tightly wrapped with 6 ply hemp cord and produce a very articulate tone. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber and makes these unique mallets very sturdy and may be used for concert or field percussion applications. Read more.


Student Series

Our "Level One Series" student mallets are built with durability in mind and covers the full range of percussion instruments

 Read more.


Made with 16.25" Birch handles.


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